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Around the clock WordPress technical support. We solve problems and save you time, hassle and money.

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Stop Distracting your Creative Team with Basic Ongoing Maintenance and Updates

As your client portfolio grows, we know that the ongoing maintenance and updates grow along with it.  

The constant emails from existing customers asking for content updates, small changes to the appearance of a menu or an additional custom field in their contact form can be so time consuming and distract you from project work.  

You want to protect your project team from constant distraction but you also don’t want to hire a full time agent because the workload fluctuates and you can’t really justify the expense of hiring someone to manage everything for you.

That’s why we created our 24/7 ticket support solution:

Start from as little as 10 hours per month

24/7 coverage - anytime day or night

Handle most WordPress issues

Fully trained WordPress agents

15 minutes first response time

Increase / decrease allocation as required

We Make your life Easier by Solving Problems

Anytime you receive an impromptu email from a customer with a menu update, site issue, to change a picture or even just modify the text from the about page … just forward it straight through to us without giving it a second thought.

Say Hello to Your New WordPress Technical Support Team

Spend your time on the high leverage activities that make you more money and grow your business. Leave the maintenance of your website to us.

Some of the Biggest WordPress Brands Trust us to Handle their Customer Support

We’ve been doing WordPress customer support for some of the biggest brands in the WordPress industry for over 6 years now. We really know WordPress inside out.

We Can Handle Almost All WordPress Technical Support Issues

Common issues include:

SSL and HTTPS issues

Display Issues

Captcha Issues

Content Updates

Site Configuration

Speed Optimization

Plugin Conflicts

Landing page building (not design)

Plugin installation and configuration


Functionality that isn’t working (forms, email deliverability, plugins, caching)

Flexible Billing and no Long Term Contracts - Startup Friendly

We’ve designed our service to be flexible to your requirements. You can start from as little as 10 hours of support per month and you can increase/decrease volume as you require. We only need 30 days notice for a change to your plan.

White Label or Back Office Support

You can choose whether you want a white label service where our team deals directly with your customers or whether you prefer for our team to interface internally with your existing team.

WordPress is All We Do

We turn down everything else so that we can focus on being the best at WordPress technical support.

As Easy as Forwarding Emails to Us

John Gardner 

 Mar 1, 7:55pm

Good afternoon,

We have some new imagery to be placed on the example.org site. Please find the two new images here. The client would like image #729772854 to be the header on the About Us page, and the other to be the homepage header.



Aniekan Rice

 Mar 1, 8:03pm

Hi John,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We have received your request to update the home and about us page header images on the example.org website.

Please be informed that our team will begin working on it and will make the necessary update soon. We will keep you posted on the progress and notify you when the update is completed.

Best regards,


Aniekan Rice

 Mar 1, 8:43pm

Hi John,

Thank you for sharing the images with us. I am pleased to inform you that we have updated the header banners on the Homepage and About page with the images you provided for example.org.

Please take a moment to review the pages and let us know if the adjustments meet your expectations.

Best regards,


John Gardner 

 Mar 1, 9:03pm

Looks great - thanks very much!


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What They Say

My company has been developing websites for over 30 years, but unplanned maintenance and support can become time-consuming and interrupt project schedules. Partnering with LevelUp has really helped to alleviate that problem. I’ve been very impressed with their professionalism, response time, and quality of work. I’m looking forward to a long-term partnership with them!

Kevin H - agency owner

How it Works


We have a global 24/7 team of trained WordPress engineers ready to solve your problems.


Forward any WordPress technical support through to us and time day or night.


We’ll respond to you within 15 minutes to let you know that we’ve received the ticket and to ask any further questions about what’s required.


Our team will work on the ticket and keep you updated. Whether that be a content update, plugin update, or some kind of fix that needs to be investigated.


We’ll update you when the problem is solved.


Simply tell us how many hours of support that you’d like to receive per month.  

Our hourly rate gets cheaper the more hours you commit to per month.

Hours per month

10 -50




Per hour





Pricing Structure:

  • Order a support package

  • Our agents log time against each issue they work on.

  • If time approaches the 10 hour limit in any given month then we’ll let you know.

  • Any time we spend above the limit is billed at $30/hour (we will always ask your permission for overages in advance).

  • You can adjust your plan each month for the following month.  So, if you need to increase your hours from 10 to 20, you can just let us know before each month and we’ll adjust your subscription.

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days

We're so confident you'll love working with us that we'll let you try our service for 30 days risk free....

If, for any reason, you don't like the service that we provide after 30 days then we'll cancel the trial and you won't have to pay a cent.

Find out more about how LevelUp can Help with your Unplanned Maintenance and Site Support Tasks

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I pay for the service?

The support service is billed for the month in advance.

 What happens if I go over my allotted hours?

Overages are charged at $30/hour.

What is the minimum number of hours?

10 hours per month

Can I increase/decrease my monthly limit?

Yes, you can increase/decrease your monthly limit in advance for the next month - just let us know and we’ll adjust your billing. We are unable to adjust your monthly limit for the current month.

How do you provide white label support?

You can set up a company support email address that your customers can email which is forwarded onto our helpdesk.

Whenever our team replies from that mailbox, your logo, branding and company name will appear in the signature.

Your customers will receive awesome and efficient around the clock support and it will look like it came directly from your brand.

How quickly can we get up and running?

Our team is ready and waiting so we can set things up within a few days.

Are there any support tickets that you won’t handle?

We don’t do development work or graphic design as part of this service. So, for example, if you need a certain piece of functionality developed or a new design for a landing page, they would fall out of scope.