Dedicated WordPress Experts

WordPress is our Bread & Butter

Having spent the last five years handling over a million WordPress support replies, we can safely say that we know WordPress inside out.

Technical Problems?  No Problem

One of the biggest issues with outsourcing your WordPress support team is that most companies simply aren’t equipped to handle the technical problems that arise.

So what happens?

You hire a company but spend so long training the team that you should have setup the whole thing from scratch in-house.  Not to mention the vague, generic replies that your customers will inevitably receive when dealing with inexperienced reps.

It’s an expensive, time consuming and frustrating process for you and your customers.

That’s why we created the only company dedicated to WordPress.

Here at LevelUp, we really understand WordPress product support. It’s all we do.

The Type of Support Issues we Can Handle

There’s not much that our team of Support Heroes haven’t already encountered and can solve in their sleep:-

  • jQuery Conflicts
  • Issues with CloudFlare
  • cURL hosting restrictions
  • Plugin and theme conflicts
  • Cache plugin issues
  • CSS conflicts
  • Mobile responsiveness issues
  • Server configuration issues

Of course, we can also handle less technical issues such as billing inquiries, sales, feature explanations and how to walk-throughs.

"Our Products are too Complicated for Outsourced Support"

Our team already have vast experience supporting complex plugins and themes. These products have many moving parts and require intimate knowledge to be supported well.

Even if your software is large and complex, we are sure of our ability to become product experts.

It doesn’t matter how complicated your software is, we’ll take however long is necessary to learn the ins and outs so that we can provide 1st class support to your customers.

We  Take Care of your Customer Support

So you can focus on building awesome WordPress themes, plugins and growing your business.