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Weekend Coverage

Customers don’t care if it’s 3am on a Sunday morning, they want their issues resolved quickly at whatever time of day it is in your local business time zone. 

The problem is that it’s difficult to build a team of people to cover weekend shifts, especially overnight.  You have to constantly ask people to cover the shifts that nobody wants to do, it’s more challenging to monitor their performance and the increase in salary for unsociable hours means it’s expensive.

It’s a lot of hassle and requires a big time investment on your behalf.

Well, we’re here to solve this problem for you.  

Our team are more than happy to cover weekend and unsociable shifts.  We hired each member of our team on this basis and already support customers 7 days a week.

Burst Support

We understand that business volume can fluctuate massively from one period to the next.  

Are you launching a Black Friday promotion?  Maybe you’re releasing a new product just in time for Christmas or you have a fire sale scheduled.  

Whatever the event is, you naturally want to make sure that your customers receive the high standard of service that they expect.  

That’s where we come in....

Give us a bit of notice and we’ll train and prepare a team for you and make sure that your influx of customers are well looked after.  

We’ll be your partners that you can call when things are going a bit pear-shaped.  If you notice that support times are slipping, for whatever reason, then let us know and we’ll join you on the front line.

24/7 Support

Do you want around-the-clock customer service that impresses your customers and no matter the time, day or night?

We can handle it for you.

We’ll set up shift patterns so that your customers are always supported.

Start Small and Scale Up - We’ll Grow with You

No team is too small.  

You can start with just one Support Hero and grow the team as your business expands and you get more customers.

And when you’re ready to grow, it’s as easy for you as picking up the phone and telling us to handle it.  

We’ll take care of all the recruitment, interviewing, tests, training and management.  

Our goal is to do such a good job taking care of your customer support that you have total peace of mind.  You can focus on your core business and know that your customers are being well looked after.

What can we help you with?

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