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Highly Motivated and Engaged People

One of the worries you probably have about outsourcing your support to another company is that you’ll end up with a team of disengaged robots that clearly don’t care about your customers.

The team would write generic responses, not show any empathy, use poor language and grammar and generally just represent your company in a bad way.  

This concern is a valid one - in many companies, this level of team disengagement is commonplace.  

But at LevelUp, right from the very beginning, we’ve taken great care to make sure that we build a hyper-engaged, responsive and high performing team.

The Four Keys to Engagement

Kevin Kruse, the thought leader on company engagement, says there are four key factors to keeping employees engaged:-

  1. Communication - Do your team members feel that there is frequent, consistent two-way communication?
  2. Growth - Do your team members feel like they are learning new things and advancing their career?
  3. Recognition and Appreciation - Do your team members feel appreciated and that their ideas count?
  4. Trust and confidence - Do your team members trust the leadership and have confidence in the organization's future?

We deliberately manage the team in a way that meets all four criteria. Here’s how:-

1. Communication

We have put in place a number of measures to ensure that everyone knows what’s going on in the company and can raise an issue at any time.

  • Team members have one to one meetings with their manager every 2 weeks.
  • Every month the co-founder gives a town-hall presentation to everyone in the company covering strategy, goals and current status.
  • Each member of the team receives weekly feedback on the quality of their replies.
  • Every morning we have a daily stand up meeting to discuss the previous day, any open issues and plan for the current day.

2. Growth

The whole company is built on the philosophy of relentless self improvement.  Here’s how we build growth into the value system of our company:-

  • Each member of the team has their own transparent and specific growth path.  They know what they need to do to improve and get to the next level in the company.
  • We have focused daily deliberate practice sessions so that each member of the team can grow a specific skill that they’re working on.
  • We have regular knowledge sharing and debug sessions to share knowledge and allow senior members to practice their presentation skills.
  • We run a public speaking club every two weeks.
  • Each member of our team gets rapid feedback about their performance and understands what skills they need to work on and how to improve.

3. Recognition and Appreciation

We have a culture of recognizing awesome customer service and appreciating our team, here’s how:-

  • Every time we receive positive feedback from a customer we share the comments for the whole team to see.
  • We have a company wide recognition system so that anyone can thank / recognize another member of the team for awesome contribution.  Every piece of recognition is seen by the co-founders of the company.
  • We have awards such as “Hero of the Month” to recognise amazing contribution.

4. Trust and Confidence

Building trust and confidence comes down to a mutual respect in the team:-

  • We have a unified vision and are all very clear about our common purpose.
  • Leadership is very honest, open and objective.  Everyone is treated fairly within the team.

Our Engagement Philosophy

We designed the company from the ground up around these principles of engagement.  We know that the better we are at creating an engaged team, the better service your customers will receive.

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