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Fully Managed Team

Management of your support team is fully taken care of.

Every Support Hero reports to a Team Lead that is responsible for monitoring working schedule, attendance, hours worked, replies done and making sure morale & engagement are high.

Each team member also has fortnightly one-to-one meetings. These meetings are for discussions about performance and setting targets. They also give team members an opportunity to raise any concerns they have that might be affecting their morale.

Stay Informed With Regular Reports

We will generate a number of reports to keep you up to date on the efficiency of the team (replies done, hours worked), the status of your support operation (open tickets, response time, new ticket volume) and any outstanding issues that require attention.

Consistent Quality

Each Support Hero has their replies checked by our QA team on a weekly basis. Feedback is provided in a way that recognises awesome replies and identifies areas for improvement. This feeds directly into the ongoing training and development of that team member.

All feedback is stored on our QA system, so it’s easy to get a quick overview of how each member of the team is performing in terms of quality.

The QA team base their feedback on our support philosophy, Every Response Matters, English proficiency, and any documentation specific to your brand & products that is provided or produced during the training and onboarding process.

Fluent English

Communication is everything when it comes to providing great customer support, so we take great care in our hiring process to make sure that all of our Support Heroes are fluent English speakers so you don’t have to worry about incomprehensible replies.


Privacy is moving ever higher on the priority list of many businesses, especially with the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All of our team members are trained to carefully handle and private data that customers need to provide (e.g. website login credentials).

Engaged & Motivated People

The quality of our service cannot be guaranteed if our team are suffering from low motivation and engagement, which is why we have invested in modern office space and equipment to make an awesome working environment for our team.

We also know that the opportunity to learn and develop new skills is imperative to the engagement of our people. We have a number of initiatives focused on this, including weekly knowledge sharing, deliberate practice (touch typing, writing, video production), long term goal setting.

Find out more about how we keep our team highly motivated and engaged, here.

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