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Relentless Improvement

We're Building a World Class WordPress Support Team

LevelUp is built on the philosophy of self development and relentless improvement. Everyone on the team has their own skill growth plan and aims to be 1% better every single day.

Of course, skill development is important for excellence, but it’s also one of the four key tenets of leading an engaged team.

Our philosophy of continuous growth and improvement, otherwise known as Kaizen, is an important part of our goal to create a world class WordPress support team. It sounds like a lofty and ambitious goal, but one that we’re wholeheartedly committed to.

Here’s what we’re doing to get there:-

Daily Deliberate Practice

Deliberate practice, a phrase coined by "Anders Ericsson" who’s spent three decades reverse engineering world class performers, is the best known method of rapid skill development. It encompasses four key points:-

  • 1
    Focus on a specific skill or subskill
  • 2
    Intense concentration
  • 3
    Many repetitions
  • 4
    Direct feedback

We take this concept of deliberate practice and apply it to WordPress product support.

Typing Practice

When a new hero joins our team, they’ll be put on a daily touch typing practice schedule to get them up to a touch typing speed of at least 60 words per minute. This ensures that every member of your team types fast and accurately.

The chart below shows the progress of one of our team members, EJ, since he joined the company.

EJ started off typing at around 40 WPM but with bad technique. Having spent a month relearning the correct technique, he’s now approaching the target of 60 WPM.

WordPress Technical Support Practice

During the training program, each team member will build their own WordPress web site from scratch and will receive challenges along the way.

As part of this training, we break their sites in a unique way on a daily basis, encouraging technical problem solving skills. They are then asked to provide a reply to the customer, explaining the fix that they’ve made.

The daily technical training and rapid feedback can transform even a non-technical recruit who’s new to WordPress into a Support Hero within a month.

Joint Debug Sessions

We run popular weekly debug sessions where the team gets together in a meeting room to run through issues that they’ve identified as challenging.

Each member of the team is encourage to share solutions to specific issues that they’ve encountered with their colleagues.

These debug sessions are fantastic for team engagement and sharing technical solutions amongst the team.

Knowledge Sharing Sessions

The more experienced members of the team are encouraged to give presentations and share their knowledge. A recent knowledge session given by one of our team members discussed the intricacies of how to setup Facebook pixel tracking in a certain plugin.

These sessions help bring the less experienced team members up to speed with more technical aspects but also give senior members of the team invaluable practice at presenting and communicating ideas.

Weekly Quality Assurance

One of the most critical points for skill development is absolute clarity and understanding of what can be improved. Lack of clarity and guidance leads to stagnation and mediocre support.

To solve this problem, we give in-depth constructive feedback to each team member on a weekly basis on the replies that they’ve done during the week. This means that they are always clear i) how they’re getting on and ii) what they can do to improve their performance.

These QA reports are logged into our proprietary system and emailed to each team member on a weekly basis. 

One On One Meetings

Every member of our team knows that their work matters. Each member of the team meets with the manager every two weeks to discuss performance, look at QA reports and to discuss any other issues.

The Bottom Line

We want you to know that when you work with us, not only will you have a super engaged team that’s constantly improving, but you’ll also be supporting the engagement and development of ambitious people who want to grow.

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