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About Us

LevelUp exists to provide world class customer support for WordPress plugin & theme authors.

By taking on the laborious task of customer support, we intend to help people grow their businesses, leaving them to focus on other aspects, such as strategy, product innovation and marketing.

We have a culture of relentless improvement, always striving for ways to get just 1% better, incrementally, across everything that we do.

This applies to the learning and development of our Support Heroes as well, which we believe is one of the key pillars to maintaining a team of highly motivated and engaged people

Where To Find Us

LevelUp is a UK based company and our support office is located in Manila, Philippines.

We have invested in a modern, professional and fun office environment so that our team looks forward to coming into work every day.

The Philippines is a great place for finding talented WordPress enthusiasts that have great communication skills. This is in part due to the high level of English proficiency in the country. The Philippines was ranked 15th in the world by the Education First English Proficiency Index (EPI)

As well as being a great hub for talent, the Philippines is well-known for its tropical weather, beautiful beaches, culture of warmth and hospitality, and dynamic urban life.

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