Custom WordPress Support for Agencies and Freelancers

resell support and maintenance services to your clients for recurring income

  • 24/7 around the clock support
  • Fully white label service
  • Fully trained expert engineers
  • 15 minutes ticket response times for your clients
  • Start with as little as 3 sites
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Spend more time and energy on winning new business for your WordPress agency, reduce costs and give your clients access to world class 24/7 support.

Our white label service allows you, as an agency or freelancer, to design custom maintenance, support, security and speed optimization packages as a service to your clients without the extra stress or expense. Generate ongoing monthly revenue and sleep well knowing that your client sites are being well looked after.

Choose What You Want to Offer to Your Clients

Uptime Monitoring

We'll monitor your client sites. If we detect the site is down we'll proactively investigate and reach out to the client on your behalf.

Fully Trained Engineers

All our engineers are dedicated to WordPress and have gone through our bespoke training program.

Fully White Label

We represent your brand so your clients never know that you're working with us.

10+ Years WordPress experience

We sold our own themes and plugins for 10 years. We've been running LevelUp for the past 5 years.  We know WordPress inside out

Monthly Reports

We can send monthly branded site reports to your clients with uptime, SEO rankings, a summary of work done and more.

24/7 Support as a Service

Your clients can raise tickets any time day or night and our team will take care of them. We have coverage in all time zones.

Content Updates

Your clients can request content change and our team can update that on their behalf.

Cloud Backups

We'll schedule hourly / daily backups so that there's always a backup plan should something go wrong

Security Monitoring

Regular scans for suspicious activity / malware.

Broken Link Checking

We'll notify your clients if we detect any broken links on their site.

Security Optimization

Your client's sites will be fully protected security best practices.

Want to Offer Maintenance Support Services to Your Clients?

Make Recurring Passive Income by Offering Maintenance and Support Plans to Your Existing Clients with LevelUp

Monthly retainers are a key part of every agency's strategy, ensuring predictable income and cashflow even in the absence of new clients coming through the door.

But looking after sites, providing content updates and dealing with random customer requests can be laborious, draining, stressful and COSTLY...

This is especially true when you have clients all around the globe sending requests any time day or night and expecting a fast reply and fix.  

Unless you have a full time support team working day and night, you can never really clock out. You're always on guard, checking your emails late at night, making sure there isn't an emergency that requires your immediate attention.

But setting up team 24/7 support team that's trained, engaged and ready to jump on an issue anytime day or night is a serious undertaking.

We know exactly how you feel because that's what we've been doing for the past 5 years at LevelUp. At a bare minimum for 24 hour coverage you need 6 full time and fully qualified support engineers. For most smaller agencies this overhead is too much to handle.

Then, of course, there's the issue of ongoing security, maintenance, backups, malware removal, speed optimization. How can you stay on top of all this for each site that you manage?  It's a huge undertaking.

Why not Leave Everything to Us and Focus on Bringing New Business in the Door?

24/7 Expert Support Team

Leverage our fully trained and 24/7 expert support team. Give your clients 30 minutes response times day or night.

Fixed Transparent Fee

Pay a fixed and transparent fee for each site that's being looked after by us.

Bill at Your Rate

Bill your client at whatever rate you like. You pocket the difference for doing nothing.

White Label Service

Your client has no idea that you're working with us - we offer a fully white label service. You forward your email account to our inbox and we'll set up our agents under your brand.

Flexible Project Management

Pick and choose which projects to manage through LevelUp - Perhaps you have some clients that you'd like to retain in house. That's fine. Pick and choose which clients you'd like us to manage. No commitment and fully flexible.

Unlock Expert WordPress Help

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Why Partner With LevelUp to Provide Support and Maintenance Services to Your Clients?

15 Minutes Response Time Guarantee For Your Customers

Nobody wants to wait for hours for a response. Especially if something has gone wrong. We offer a 15 minute response time when a support ticket is raised.

Spend Your Time On What Really Matters For Growing Your Business

Win new clients while outsourcing the maintenance and support of your existing clients to us.

Let us wow your customers in the backend while you win new business in the front end.

Over 10 Years Experience: WordPress Is Our Bread And Butter

We sold our own WordPress themes and plugins for 10 years. We've been running LevelUp, the only agency dedicated to specializing in WordPress product support for over 5 years.

The WordPress sites of your customers are in safe hands with us.

Sleep Easy Knowing That Your Client Sites Are Safe And Secure

Our 24/7 site management team monitors your client sites. If anything goes wrong, we're likely to catch and fix it before your client even notices.

Integrate With Your Existing Systems. Fast Onboarding

Our team of engineers will integrate our support channels with your existing helpdesk setup if you already have one. We'll help with the entire onboarding process to make it as quick and easy as possible for you.

Cut Maintenance And Support Costs

By offering support and maintenance at scale globally, we can offer up to a 50% cost saving relative to hiring directly in the US, Australia or Europe with no reduction in quality.

Leverage Our Global Team to Give Your Clients 24/7 Support

Our global team of support engineers ensure that your clients get the support they need at any time day or night. Turn off your Slack notifications at 6pm on a Friday and know that our team has got the needs of your clients covered ;)

Receive Glowing Trustpilot Reviews

Our agents are trained to generate positive Trustpilot reviews, enhancing your brand reputation and helping you to win new business.

White Label Service - We Represent Your Brand

Our support engineers represent your company so that your customers never know that you're working with us.

You can view LevelUp WordPress technical support agents as being an extension of your own team.

We Use The Same Tools You Use

What They Say

James Kemp


I can't begin to explain how much time LevelUp have saved us. Simply knowing that our frontline support is handled means I can focus on the other aspects of running a WordPress product business. They keep me constantly updated in terms of hours spent, and produce charts and data which have helped shape our documentation and support processes. I can't imagine going back to the old way of finding support staff. LevelUp are simply the best in the business, and I've tried a few solutions!

Katie Keith

Director, barn2

Our previous company never came up with anything this good in 3 months of doing our support.... it's lovely that you can think about the needs of the business and help us to become more successful.

Want to offer maintenance support services to your Clients?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I design my own care plans for my customers?

We know that you have your own unique setup and probably already offering some services in-house.  That's why we've made it so you can choose exactly what you want to be included with each plan.

For example, if you think your clients would benefit most from quick technical support then you can create a care plan around that.

If, however, you feel that your clients would most benefit from behind-the-scenes backups and maintenance services then that's also available.

Design your own care plans that matches the needs of you and your customers and let us take care of the rest.

Can I resell your services?

Yes, this is a white label WordPress support service which means that our team will represent your brand.  Once you've designed your care plans, you can resell them to your customers at whatever price you think makes sense. 

As we're based predominantly in SE Asia, we can offer these care plans at a fraction of the price it would cost you to service locally.  You can charge your clients at the local market rate and keep the margin as recurring profit without the additional hassle.

How do you offer a white label service?

You can set up an email address under your domain and forward that to our dedicated helpdesk.  Our agents will reply to tickets using your branding and with a custom signature.  To the end client, it looks like we're part of your team.   

What if I have custom requirements?

We understand that agencies have custom requirements and we can develop services to suit your needs.  Just schedule a consultation call with our team, we'll gather your requirements and design the service that you're looking for.

Can I work with you to outsource other areas of my agency business?

Yes, we are a full outsourcing operation that's dedicated to helping WordPress based businesses succeed.  

With our Build Your Own Team service, you can let us know if you're looking to outsource any role in your organization (let's say you're looking for a lead generation assistant, for example) and we'll help you find the right person for your team.  Learn more.

Are you Looking for a Dedicated Support Team instead?

Choose The Service That Suits Your Needs

White Label Agency Support as a Service

This is the white label agency service that you're looking at on this page.

  • Leverage our shared global WordPress team
  • Your customers receive 24/7 support with a 15 minutes response time guarantee
  • Pay per site under management.
  • Agents are shared between companies and brands
  • Cheap and cost effective way of offering your clients around the clock support without expensive overhead.
  • Perfect for the small to medium sized agency

Dedicated Support Agents and Teams

This is a separate service that we can offer if you wish to set up a dedicated tech support or call center.

  • We'll recruit and build a dedicated service team for your company
  • Coverage can be as much or as little as you like (depending on the size of the team)
  • Pay per agent (on a full time or part time basis)
  • You have complete control over the team.
  • Agents are dedicated to your company.
  • Perfect for medium to large sized agencies or those that already have a team in place and wish to add more coverage.